I Don’t Like Nostalgia Unless it’s Mine

Should that Lou Reed quote read instead “I don’t like nostalgia (unless it’s mine)”? But it is sort of this trip,it is sort of this travel diary blog. I wonder if he said it sober? I mean, I’d like to think he meant it. This morning, the coldest day so far; 39 degrees Fahrenheit, whatever Read More

Cathedrals of Broadway

The picture at top, Florine Stettheimer’s Cathedrals of Broadway, 1929, (cropped by WordPress, I’m not clever enough to know how to prevent that irritating preset), part of four “cathedral” paintings, I only came across by accident: In the interest of thrift I took advantage of the Metropolitan “three day” attendance and walked up to 79th Read More

Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free

What a glorious fall day. I cut through Central Park to the Upper East side; my ticket to the Met Cloisters yesterday gave me three days of visits to the Met. Today, en route to the Breuer at Madison and 75th. I have a soft spot for the monolith that is the brutal modernist Breuer. Read More

The Odour of Chastity

Tuesday morning started dull and grey, warm to almost muggy, eventually clearing.  After breakfast I walked over to the NY Public Library for the J D Salinger exhibit.  Never before seen artifacts and paraphernalia: family photographs, candid Polaroid snaps, typed letters to his editors, the first typescript version of Catcher as well as the galleys Read More

Across 110th Street

The Bronx is up. The Battery is down and the Bronx is up. I was thinking about that days ago. I was thinking about that when Criterion streamed a restored version of On The Town (Frank Sinatra bored, Comden and Green jealous at Lenny Bernstein for stealing their thunder, Gene Kelly itching to dance with Read More

I Happen to Like New York

I’ve never arrived in NYC on a Saturday evening.  That was a trip.  But I’ve definitely never arrived at Penn Station, which is the Madison Square Garden subway stop, on a Saturday, with a UFC fight on tap, for which Donald Trump is attending.  And I’ve never had to wheel luggage through a mob of Read More

It’s New York Baby

Four days in the city that never sleeps.  Sort of a cultural exchange.   Well I guess the first thing is that getting out of YVR wasn’t so easy, the perks of “Diamond” status with Aeroplan somewhat elusive and then the “arbitrary” selection for luggage inspection, then the huge queue at Starbucks and the staff Read More