Words Fail Jake Gyllenhaal

Or so says the NYT.  We found he handled them quite well. As for the four day weekend, I could get used to this. In 1927 the entire cast (all 57) of the Mae West production The Pleasure Man was arrested for indecency between the first and second act On our final day SS braved Read More

A Delicate Balance on The Twentieth Century

Happy Valentine’s Day!   Pier-ing across to Jersey We scheduled four sessions of sitting for today so first thing we headed out to the High Line, the re-purposed elevated spur of an old railway, now a 2.5 km park, for a winter walkathon .  It was cold, but not blustery, so slightly better than yesterday; Read More

A Helluva Town

  Helluva, used on Broadway, was changed to “wonderful” for the movie as Comden and Green’s lyric was too racy for Hollywood.  New York is many spectacular and awe-inspiring things, but, truthfully, wonderful “honk honk” isn’t one of them.  Still, where better for a quick weekend away On the Town?  SS got a nice Valentine’s gift.  Read More