Ingenious Imitation of Nature by Man

I have no idea what that title means but it’s the title of a garden SS went to this morning.  Although it was our most beautiful day in Hong Kong, mostly blue sky, warm but not too hot, no humidity, I just couldn’t get my act together so SS headed out on his own early Read More

The Cause is in the Way

  Don’t let the pictures below fool you: It was gorgeous today.  A fair bit of cloud, and only intermittent blue sky, but 24 degrees, a light breeze, zero humidity. It always gives me a thrill to be somewhere outside in a t-shirt in November and find it hot. The humidity has been playing havoc Read More

Sheung Wan is the Bomb!!!

Our hotel is in Sheung Wan, the end of a subway line, a transitional mix of massage parlors with cutting edge galleries, cool shops and cafes and old school market stalls with remnants of a colonial past.  It’s a wild confluence of the decrepit and revitalized, old and new, happening and over. It’s incredible.On Friday Read More

Go Eat and Drink and Feast Go East

Except we’re old men. (If you remember the Elvis song.) Most boring blog ever.  Wake me up when there’s a Kalli Wag in site. At any rate, early rise on Friday, out of the hotel at seven, wheeled our baggage twenty meters to Central Station. Then, I kid you not, it was almost a kilometre Read More


My transistor radio comes from far away And when it’s night over here over there it’s breaking day Buck Owens, Made in Japan                               Nourish twist.  What’s the nutritional info on that?     “Yes, what you have heard is true. Read More

Spirited Away Trailer

We did not have the Healthy Breakfast at $34, nor the American Breakfast at $35.  After a bit of lounging we went downstairs to Starbucks and had a reasonable facsimile for $6.  Typhoon Nuri, which passed Japan, was supposed to leave behind a minor squall of precip, so we winnowed down the dozens of museums Read More

I have simple taste. Only the best.

That’s an Oscar Wilde quote.  Still: Stephen got a very nice Christmas gift last year–two night’s at the Shangri-La Tokyo. So we packed up the bags and took the train two stops down the tracks then 28 floors up to the lobby (yes, another hotel which sits on the top of a skyscraper).  We have Read More

We Do Kaiseki

When I arranged for our Kamakura guide we emailed quite a few times to sort out the itinerary and lunch.  The tour is free but you pay for your guide’s lunch.  She asked if we were vegetarian and what type of food we wanted to eat.  I said anything but, jokingly, including the smiley emoticon, Read More

Stephen and Glenn’s Shogun

Or so it seemed, one shrine following the next. A day away in Kamakura, the ancient Edo capital about an hour away from Tokyo where, arguably, many of the defining moments of Japanese history occurred.  A military coup of sorts crushed the Imperial Court in Kyoto and, in the 13th and 14th century Kamakura the Read More

The Remains of the Edo

Another spectacular November day, sunny, occasional clouds, up to 20 degrees, light breeze.  No complaints. SS in front of a water lily lake     We headed up to Ueno, a large park with almost a dozen museums, a zoo, a children’s theme park, a couple of Shinto shrines, a faux lagoon, and umpteen diversions.  Read More

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