JFK to YVR Cathay Pacific F Class

  There was a significant birthday leading to a significant trip so, since it all has to come to an end sometime, I thought we’d end it with something significant: The first time either of us has ever flown first class.  Maybe the last time?     As with Santiago, there was a separate area Read More

Broadway Bound

Midtown.  Plus: Close to everything.  Minus: Close to everything. Think of the Tony.  Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony….   Friday night we had tickets to Roundabout’s The Big Knife.  This is an old Clifford Odets play about a Hollywood star coming to grips with commercialism, selling-out, integrity, etc.  Big cast, stunning set, great to see the Read More

A Face in the Crowd

It never feels like NYC until you see the ESB   Gateway to one of the greatest avenues in the world; it’s always a bit of a thrill to walk from Washington Sq to Central Park down Fifth   Where you went before Amazon   Getting newer Despite the fact that we were both hugely Read More

SCL to LIM LanPeru J Class & LIM to JFK LanPeru J Class

The W has a noon checkout.  Sweet.  We had a relaxing morning, coffee out, packed, and checked out just before noon.  Spent a lazy afternoon on the roof by the pool, had a sandwich, swam laps, read.  One other guy came up for an hour and at lunch three business men had a sandwich.  Otherwise Read More

Going the Distance

But it looks natural   Cloud cover.  Haven’t seen that in a while!  It warmed up on Tuesday but never cleared and only to around 21, more humid than hot.  The hotel was abuzz.  Well, the whole time it’s been crazy busy.When we arrived on the weekend Lollapalooza was on.  The hotel was filled with Read More

A River Runs Through It

It was a gorgeous morning. Sunny but cool, around 14.  By mid afternoon 27.  Evening a light breeze, down to 21.  Absolutely perfect weather. Jacqueline Kiplimo, female winner of the half marathon   Feral dog, thought people running was the best thing ever.  The runners had to shoo him away.  He kept ahead of the Read More

Making Time

On departure we were heading down the valley at 7:30 a.m.  It was a glorious day, again, and traffic was light.  With only two gas stops and keeping to the (generous) 120km/h speed, we hit Santiago at two.  But then we hit the poor signage ritual, as in all dense areas, the detours, traffic, etc., Read More

The Out of Towners

View from our room, east Maddening morning.  The start of two days in the driest region of Chile.  We checked out of the Sheraton quite early and were on our way when I made an accidental right turn instead of merging left. With the rush hour traffic of Vina, the one-way system, and the inability Read More

Toy Story

Spoiler alert: They used more than one Herbie The architecture of Vina del Mar is, how can I put it?  Like being on a backlot.  And not Universal Studios. Warner Brothers   Steamboat Willie Disney       Princess-y Disney     Hanna Barbera Dr. Seuss   Pixar Wayne Mansion Looney Tunes We woke up Read More

A Few Rooms Ocean View

We returned to the coast after lunch, stopping at Pablo Neruda’s Valparaiso home.  He wanted a place to escape from Santiago to study and to write in peace and quiet.  He wanted a view, but privacy.  Friends of his found him a place begun by a Spanish architect who had built five floors on a Read More

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