It’s All Over Now

  I realize London may be a great metropolis, but it’s not very nice to people.  We’re not friendly.  Not that we’re rude, like the Parisians with their theatrical and frankly risible haughtiness; nor do we have New Yorker’s shouty impatience. Londoners are just permanently petulant, irritated.  I think we wake up taking offense.  All Read More

Remembrance Sunday

  Gorgeous final day. Clear blue sky, sun out in full. I had the intention to walk from Holland Park to Kensington Gardens, the Serpentine Gallery, then through Hyde, Green and St. James Park, and then take in the original Tate.  But the crowds around Knightsbridge were ludicrous, worst at Duke of Wellington’s place across Read More

The Play is the Thing

  Up late.  Was it any wonder? Another cool windy day. It had rained but was dry A.M. Didn’t hear from my friend Jean Paul so decided to see about tickets for the theatre.  The two shows I was pining to see were Berenice at the Donmar and Allan Bennett’s latest, People, at the National.  Read More

It Gets Betterish

  [The title is stolen from a wonderfully acerbic YouTube site.  Pregnancy: It get’s betterish.  Karaoke: It gets betterish.  Drag Queen: It gets betterish.] Friday another day of sunny breaks, cloudy periods, London overcast and chilly, but never wet. James Bond drove one. Into St. James, Regent St, Liberty, Soho.  One shoppe was selling the Read More

Tennis as Spectacle

    Thursday AM I made the trek to Cricklewood to see Diana, Simon’s mum.  She is still her old self in many ways, but in other ways lost in a bit of a fog.  I also saw a young woman who claimed to be his daughter but I truly couldn’t believe it. Midday to Read More

I Get High

Although it’s spelled haight (the t is silent, the Welsh is hwcyntha).   And someone said fashion was dead… Wednesday.  The best part of the morning was that no one knew who won the election.  Oh, and it was sunny.  Colder than Vancouver, proper November eight degrees cold, and, weirdly, all the leaves are not Read More

That Was Then

Patsy and Edina go Shopping   Given that I was going to be out of the country a whole week, Nan took it upon herself to make sure no one went hungry.  She roasted a turkey, and served it with cheese cauliflower, baked carrots, Brussels sprouts, a turnip casserole, corn, roast beets, mashed potatoes, gravy, Read More