Here Hare Here is on Hiatus

On hiatus; thanks for the traffic. Speaking of which, here’s a post-mortem for the die hards… Up early, out to Charles de Gaulle.  Light rain and dark.  The trek to CDG never ceases to amaze me, traffic at all time of the day/night/week, the route a confusing, cryptic maze of on and off ramps, merging, Read More

Leaving on a jet plane

The entrance to the Musee D’Orsay, a “retired” train station Today a sunny start then clouding over but mild, about ten degrees warmer at this end of the week than when we arrived.  A relaxed morning down to the Musee D’Orsay.  I’ve never been (it’s all impressionism and post-impressionism not my strong suit, which wouldn’t Read More

Spring, Chef Daniel Rose’s Restaurant Spring

1979-2010, politically incorrect but much loved Gee our old LaSalle ran great: First, a moment of silence for the passing of the Walkman.  Sony has announced the Walkman will go the way of the Edsel.  I owned the very first model, sleek aluminum and bright orange ear muffs with a mute button that hung on Read More

Baby Number One

SS said it was a housewares shop.  Wrong.  Chocolatier.   …and nougat and caramel   Women’s shoe shop (apparently)   Oh oh ladies, look out: Stockings are back   Bear made of bears in a bag shop window   70 Euro ($100 CAD) pair of galoshes   Very expensive “magazine” wallpaper   Very, very expensive Read More

Spoiler alert: Tosca dies at the end

Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes here At eight it was bright and sunny and October cool.  I got SS a hot croissant (he favours one boulangerie over the other as we have two on our doorstep to choose from), an IHT (which reported that the Chilean miners were at one point visited by some Read More

Time flies by when you’re the driver of a train

The TGV train station at Avignon; very cool Blue sky, sun shining, and the famous Provence wind, the mistral, pounding.  You could feel it in the car and when we dropped it off at the TGV it was almost impossible to get inside.  Our hair looked like the Bride of Frankenstein, the heavy steel doors Read More

Bull manifestation

Did I ever give the update on the Tate Modern sunflower seeds?  Despite taking thousands of Chinese villagers years to create and paint, the porcelain wasn’t lacquered.  The seeds “opened” for one day.  When people began to walk on them porcelain dust filled the air and created a health hazard.  The exhibit was closed.  It’s Read More

Le Shopping

It’s stop not arete and parking not stationnement and shopping.  The Quebec sign police would have a field day. We took the lawnmower on the motorway SE to Aix (as in extremee or excusez or X the LA band from the early 80s) home of Paul Cezanne.  It was getting exhausting being retired in St. Read More

Man carrying oven

Even the graffiti has je ne sais quoi Any more culture and we’d be yogurt. Today, all day, in Arles.  It was sunny, then overcast, but mild, up to about 18C.  We started with a coffee in a brasserie on the square, where I read in the IHT that Sarkozy has fast-tracked the pension reform Read More

Exam at the end

Morning sun looking west from Les Baux   Vineyards and olive groves in the Val d’Enfer   The limestone outcrop which is Les Baux         Part of the remains of the fortified castle at Les Baux Stupendous day.  Early to Les-Baux-de-Provence, an ancient settlement on a limestone “mountain” overlooking the Val d’Enfer Read More

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